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Welcome to Shadow Falls, California. Here canines and humans mingle on a daily basis. However life as a stray isn't an easy one. Not everyone wants to be your friend, and there are hardships to endure. Lies, secrets and betrayals are just a few of those hardships that you'll encounter. Come walk the streets on all fours and see if you have what it takes. Do you have the guts to make it here?
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What Is & Never Should Be | AU SPN S6 | Jcink

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What Is & Never Should Be | AU SPN S6 | Jcink Empty What Is & Never Should Be | AU SPN S6 | Jcink

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[align=center]What Is & Never Should Be | AU SPN S6 | Jcink Wiampnsbadvert2_zpsbb719eb4

What Is & Never Should Be

The big battle with Lucifer and Michael is over, Sam and Adam have both been pulled from the cage and are roaming the Earth. Sam still doesn't have his soul back yet, while Adam's is in tack. Dean doesn't know that either brother is back since he settled down a with bartender from California.

It has been a year since Adam Milligan and Sam Winchester have been back from the pits of Hell. Sam had continued to hunt, by the side of what is left of the Campbells.

Samuel Campbell has the rest of this family out hunting down whatever they catch wind of, at the moment they are hunting down vampires in Los Angeles. Vampires that have become stronger and smarter, Samuel has asked Sam to call Adam for his help.

The youngest Winchester has been hunting on his own for the last year and has become pretty good at it, then again he is a Winchester. Adam agrees to help Samuel and the rest of the Campbells.

Dean is living the normal apple pie life that he's wanted most of his life. He's settled down with a bartender from Santa Ana, a suburb of LA. He has given up hunting since he watched his only brothers fall into the pit to Hell.

Crowley has bought back three people from the Winchesters' past back with a twist. Crowley has plans, big plans at that! He plans to take over not only Hell, but Earth as well. Can the Campbells and Winchesters stop him before all Hell breaks lose on Earth?

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