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Welcome to Shadow Falls, California. Here canines and humans mingle on a daily basis. However life as a stray isn't an easy one. Not everyone wants to be your friend, and there are hardships to endure. Lies, secrets and betrayals are just a few of those hardships that you'll encounter. Come walk the streets on all fours and see if you have what it takes. Do you have the guts to make it here?
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Post by EL Admin on Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:42 pm

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It's the year of 2018. A plague has swiped through the universe, taking many of the living organisms with it. It started in the United States of America, the causes unknown. It killed off all of the humans, many of the reptiles,amphibians, and birds as well. The only remaining species were the equines, canines, felines, rabbits, and other small rodents who seemed somehow immune to it. The other surprising survivor was the bald eagle. Already an endangered species, it was quite the shock. The animals seemed to be taken under the power of this unique bird. It became a token of their survival and their newly found freedom. Some kind of God to the animals that lived on the ground.  

On Eagles Landed, you can play as almost any kind of feline, equine, or canine out there. Claim a land of your own, have a family, or simply live by yourself on the sidelines. Here on Eagles Landed you can have as many characters as you like with a word count of 250 words. We are a family oriented role-play and are based off of our members and their ideas.

Will you be able to join us in this new world of the animals? Join us today[/div]

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