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Welcome to Shadow Falls, California. Here canines and humans mingle on a daily basis. However life as a stray isn't an easy one. Not everyone wants to be your friend, and there are hardships to endure. Lies, secrets and betrayals are just a few of those hardships that you'll encounter. Come walk the streets on all fours and see if you have what it takes. Do you have the guts to make it here?
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Paper Hearts - A mature canine roleplay

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Paper Hearts - A mature canine roleplay Empty Paper Hearts - A mature canine roleplay

Post by WildMutt on Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:24 am

Paper Hearts - A mature canine roleplay 2f116741-e409-47af-a2da-1f4ecea8181e_zps3rogxzr2

Paper Hearts
Mature (18+) Realistic Canine Roleplay

+ Very Simple and quick character application
+ No specific Word count, beginner friendly
+ Set in a fictional town, based on a real world area
+ 12 IC RP boards; 3 pack/gang boards
+ Points system
+ Other species available for purchase from site store
+ Friendly; active staff
+ New and growing site
+ Friendly atmosphere

Click the Banner to come check us out; we'd love to have you!

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